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Back in 2013, we believed there should, be an easier, quicker and cheaper way for website owners to publish native mobile apps. We spent a few weeks researching the market for a solution that worked and found none! So with the help of the best team that we could put together, MobiLoud was launched.

Fast forward to today, and having an app is now a must have for practically every business. After all, the smartphones in our pockets – rather than PCs – are what most of us use to consume content and access services.

With 60–70% of web traffic coming from mobile, having an app not only gives your visitors an improved user experience, but as the publisher you benefit from increased time spent, better retention, and new revenue opportunities.

Still, if you’re looking into building your own app, you’ll find even today, you don’t have that many options - you can learn programming, hire a developer/agency (and spend $10,000 - $40,000 for a first version) or use an app builder.

If you’re using WordPress and need an app built for you, without having to learn anything new or write any code, we have built the solution for you. And it’s a full service offer - we build, test, publish your app for you and maintain it over time.

Whether you have a news/blogging site, community site, ecommerce store, or something entirely different, we can work with you. In fact, if you can build it in WordPress, we can make it into an app!

The difference between MobiLoud and other services is that we take care of your apps from the build to the submission to the ongoing and frequent maintenance. You don't get just software, but a team of developers and incredible support staff to help your app succeed.

This means that you can publish your own app without writing a single line of code or learning anything new.

And with no set-up fees or the need to hire your own developer, MobiLoud gives you all the benefits of your own native app at a fraction of the cost.

We grow our business by being profitable and not by relying on investors, our main resource is lots of happy customers - you can count on us to be here helping you with your app for the time to come, not until the app space is hot.

If you’re curious as to how it works and what your app would look like, request a demo with one of our experts.

Pietro Saccomani
Co-founder of MobiLoud

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