How can I change the splash screen and icon?

Your app’s icon and launch screen are integral part of the final app that will be submitted for you to Apple and Google Play.

To provide your app icon and launch screen images you’ll use our submission form after purchasing your app or signing up for a plan.

Icon files required

For iOS, the required image resolution is 1024×1024. Your icon file should be squared i.e. not include any rounded borders. Apple will apply rounded corners to your icon for you. iOS icons cannot include any transparency.

For Android, a second icon file is required at 512×512. You can include rounded corners and transparency.

Launch image specifications

For your splash screen (launch image) you will upload a 2208×2208 PNG where the logo or other important artwork is placed within the center 1000×1000 pixels or so. We’ll be cropping this image into the many different resolutions required for each different device and orientation, so we need your logo or artwork to be at the center, where no cropping will occur.


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