Birthpedia Becomes an Authority in their Space by Launching a Mobile App

Something I appreciate to this day is that if I feel I need to update or revamp something, I know I can come to MobiLoud and the team will work with me.

Gabriel Tullier

Birthpedia is a platform dedicated to providing quick, relevant, current and qualified information for parents in the field of conception, pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum support, newborn care. It’s designed to give parents bite sized information they can trust, so they can make better decisions about birth.


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Healthcare & Parenting

Gabriel Tullier and his wife launched Birthpedia to provide new and prospective parents with all the childbirth education they need, readily available in an easy to consume format.

After starting out with a simple web-based platform, Gabriel wanted to make it easier for subscribers to access their content, by launching a mobile app.

He checked out a couple of options, before finding MobiLoud Canvas, which was a perfect fit.

From Website to Mobile Apps

I believe mobile websites are okay, but they require multiple steps, and it’s a bit hard to communicate with people on their phones compared to an app.

Gabriel understood that a lot of people today consume content on mobile devices. While their website was optimized and responsive on mobile, it still left something to be desired.

He wanted the platform to be as easy as possible to access, as well as being able to use push notifications to connect with their users.

That’s when he started looking for solutions.

We started researching how to integrate websites to apps, and we started to find some options. MobiLoud was one of those.

Launching Mobile Apps as a Bootstrapped Startup

Gabriel and the team at Birthpedia had an issue that most small startups have, which stops them from thinking about launching a mobile app.

They’re not a big team. They don’t have a team of mobile developers on staff. They don’t have multiple rounds of investment and the means to hire a team to develop the perfect app.

That’s why they looked at a few software tools that could do the job. However, some didn’t offer the flexibility they needed.

There were some, where the app looked more like a template. They had a nice interface, a great backend but hardly any flexibility and at the end of the day it was very limiting. It was not going to work with our kind of content, so it was not going to be a good fit.

Gabriel didn’t have the resources to get a custom build done. Yet they needed a level of flexibility to make the app look and feel how they wanted.

It was also important that the website and app be linked, so that they didn’t need to continually update two different platforms.

I was looking at a few other app builders, but with these you’d have to put content in two different places, on the website and on the app. That sounded really cumbersome.

This is why MobiLoud Canvas is the choice for so many companies who want to launch their own app. It’s simple, affordable, flexible, and easy to manage after the initial launch.

MobiLoud provided the best flexibility at the best price. You’d have a custom app, with the freedom to update with any content that you put on the website.

Becoming an Authority in their Field

By having this app we have become an authority in the birth community, because not too many informational sites associated with birth have an app.

As you can imagine, Birthpedia relies heavily on their users seeing them as an authority in the space of childbirth and parenting. Any parent has to know that they’re getting information from a trustworthy and authoritative source.

Gabriel says that launching an app has been huge for their brand, and has benefited them in many different ways.

It adds a level of authority in the space we’re in, and in our circles of influence, which is great. It gives us immediate credibility when we speak, whether we’re in a conference, or meeting with potential employees or customers.

Along with this, their mobile app gave them a direct line to their users, helping them build a community around the information they offer.

We wanted to do more than just content in the app too. We wanted to be able to interact with our community.

How You Can Do the Same for Your Brand

As long as you’re able to create a WordPress website, you will be able to work with MobiLoud.

Gabriel didn’t think they had the resources to be able to launch an app. But MobiLoud was right there with what they needed.

It didn’t matter that they didn’t have a huge budget to throw towards developing an app. MobiLoud offered an affordable way into the market, with everything Gabriel needed to be able to get started and launch an app that he was proud of.

MobiLoud offers easy onboarding with a low cost, plus quality information to help you get started. They explained what’s needed, both technically and otherwise, which allows a founder like me to work with your team instead of hiring a developer. It’s not just a product, it is a service where you can get updates and changes in a timely fashion and well constructed.

Like many of our uses have said, the service we offer is the icing on the cake. Unlike a lot of other app builders, which deliver the app and say farewell, MobiLoud offers ongoing service to make sure you’re not going to run into any problems down the road.

It’s important to have a company that you can trust, that you know it’s going to be around. I trust MobiLoud in that sense, because of the quality of what they did and how responsive the team was.

Anyone with a website or web app can do the same. Whether you’re on WordPress or any other platform – ecommerce stores, news sites, learning platforms and more – it’s easy to convert your site to mobile apps with MobiLoud.

Just get in touch for a free demo to get started. We’ll discuss your project, your requirements, and help you figure out if MobiLoud is right for you.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy you can build amazing mobile apps for your brand.

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