Earn up to $550 + $150/month in recurring commissions for each customer you refer

Fast Paypal payouts. 90 days cookie duration. Get access to a simple dashboard for reporting.

How Does It Work?

MobiLoud offers a service based on a proprietary software platform (Canvas) for turning any website into native mobile apps. Our native content app platform (News) is designed for high traffic news and blog websites built on WordPress.

Our affiliate program pays a recurring 30% commission, with simple Paypal payments and no fuss. You get all the resources you need to start promoting MobiLoud to your audience and the support of our marketing team if anything more is needed.

We use a 90 days cookie for our program, so you don't miss out on any sales.

Recurring commissions

One of the highest commissions in the industry. Earn up to thousands on a single referral!

Unlimited referrals

Refer as many customers or clients as you can, your earnings are not capped!

Intuitive Dashboard

Review all statistics on traffic and leads you generated, check your payments and more.


The best solution for building mobile apps from a website

We offer all customers a complete service, which includes customizations, setup, building and publishing their apps to the stores. We make keeping an app updated extremely easy, with smart technical solutions and ongoing maintenance updates included.

As an affiliate partner you get to share in our success with recurring 30% commissions, meaning you earn every time we get paid by a customer.

Turn any site into a mobile app

With our Canvas hybrid app platform we turn any website or web app into mobile apps, leveraging all site features, saving customers tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Works with any website, no code required

Ecommerce sites, elearning, courses, and web apps are the ideal match for a Canvas mobile app!

Customers get a mobile app live in weeks, with no stress. We help them with everything technical.

Native content apps for WordPress

Our content app platform – News – helps blogs, digital magazines, news sites and more convert their website into fast native mobile apps.

Completely native apps integrated with WordPress, running on iOS and Android, phones and tablets

Content in the apps updates automatically with changes in WordPress.

Fast white label apps for digital magazines, news sites, blogs and corporates.

No upfront cost, no lengthy development

Program Rules

Here are some basic rules to respect if you want to participate in our program and promote MobiLoud to your audience.

You are not allowed to spam to promote our products.
You are not allowed to use PPC advertising to bid on brand keywords e.g. MobiLoud or Canvas
If you use PPC ads, you'll need to use your own landing pages
You are not allowed to offer any kind of cashback, bonus or discount
You can't impersonate us or create the assumption you're the developer behind MobiLoud
You can't sign up through your own affiliate link
When are payments sent?

For each successful referral you make, we apply a 60 day wait period to account for refunds. We offer a 6o day guarantee, meaning customers can ask a refund with no questions asked 60 days after signing up.

How long does it take to be approved?

We're keen to have the right partners on the program. For that reason we review and approve every request to join the Program. You can expect to be approved within a few days from your request.

How much can I earn?

You get a 30% commission on all payments from every customer you refer. This includes recurring and setup fees.

Let’s break down how much that can amount to.

  • Submission fee (for our work to publish apps to Google Play and Apple App Stores) – $500 ($150 commission)
  • Your referral chooses our full service package, where we do all the configuration, customization and design for their mobile app – $1,350 ($405 commission)
  • The customer signs on to our Corporate plan, the highest subscription level – $5,100 paid annually ($1,530 commission)

By earning 30% commission from your referral, you could get a payout of $2,085, up front – plus a $1,530 commission every year when the customer renews their subscription. This is from a single sale!

How are payments made?

Payments are made directly via Paypal whenever you've reached the minimum payout.

Where can I see my pending payments and commissions?

Our Affiliate Dashboard provides easy access to all information about your results in the program, including outstanding payments and the number of customers you've referred.


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