How To Make Money With Your App

Coming up with a ground-breaking concept for your app is just the beginning; from a developer’s point of view, you also need to figure out how you’re going to make money from it.

Thankfully, developers have several methods of monetisation to choose from.

Which is best?

Well, it depends; the nature of your app, your industry, and, to a certain extent, luck, all play their part when determining which approach is best – the only way to determine the most profitable is to experiment.

That being said, the overwhelming majority of apps will be monetised using one (or a combination of) the following four methods:


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Use Video To Promote Your Mobile App

One of the fundamental problems facing app developers is to make sure people know their app exists; after all, no awareness, no downloads.

This raises a significant question: How do you build this awareness?

Well, if you’re looking to make the biggest impact, creating a video for your app is hard to beat; good videos are shared more than written content, which potentially puts your app in the limelight for a much bigger audience.

Google quickly understood the impact a good video can have on app downloads, making it a key feature of their Google Play store. And, at long last, Apple seem to be catching up, finally announcing app developers can upload an app videos — for the iOS 8 App Store, at least.

If you’re looking to produce a video for your app, the following pointers should get you started.


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How To Make Your WordPress Site Run Much Faster

Does it really matter if your site takes one second to load or two? After all, what difference does a second make, right?

In the online world, you’d be surprised by how much impact a seemingly trivial time delay can have.

According to Akimai, 47% of users expect websites to load in under two seconds, and 57% of users will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load.

That’s right. More than half your customers could be lost in a matter of seconds.

Put simply: Your website’s speed is a big deal. People don’t want their gratification fast, they want it instantly.

Don’t worry if your website is slow right now (use Pingdom to test); today I’m going to help you speed it up by helping you put the right foundations in place.


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What To Learn From The Success Of The Buffer Blog

Have you ever heard of Buffer and their blog? If not, well, you should have.

Starting life as a Twitter scheduling app, it quickly evolved into an all-round social media scheduling app, and today has over one million users.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the success of the Buffer app is that over 70% of their app’s growth is attributed to content marketing.

But how exactly did Buffer achieve such impressive growth, and are there any lessons we can take and implement on our own blogs?

For anyone struggling to gain traction with their own blog, Buffer is a textbook example of how powerful content marketing can be, when it’s done right.


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How To Design Your App Icon

Your app is built.  All that’s left is to publish it on an app store. The only problem is attracting your potential users to download your app above everyone else’s. The first thing an user will see of your app is your icon, and in icon design, first impressions are most definitely everything. Here are a few tips that will help your app’s icon stand out among the rest.

Far more apps are downloaded directly from Apple’s App Store and Google Play than through any number of other avenues, such as app websites, reviews, PPC ad campaigns, Facebook, etc. Recent stats put app store discovery at 70% of app downloads, so it’s worth investing time and effort in getting this right.

This makes ensuring that your app stands out and represents your brand effectively on the App Store grid and Google Play libraries really important to guaranteeing your app is as successful as it can be.

Your icon has added value in that – if done well – it promotes repeated use of our app. This is particularly true of apps that don’t have obvious utility, such as games and content providers. A great icon can draw the attention necessary to make sure you’re on your user’s mind when they’re looking for a distraction.


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The Best Free Image Sources for Your Blog

As you write a blog post, it is only natural to focus most of your attention on the actual content. Who is your audience? What are you going to say? Where will you find interesting statistics?

These are just a few of the many questions that will run through your mind.

In addition to the words that you write, visual content is every bit as important. If you have struggled to find free images in the past, you are not alone. Many people use this as an excuse not to include images in their blog posts. Don’t fall into this trap. (more…)

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Why You Need To Add Video To Your Mobile App

As a good online marketer, you should be constantly listening to the needs of your customers and trying to meet them. Customers are spending more time on their mobile devices, so you created a responsive website. You realised that users stay on mobile apps 3-4 times longer than on mobile websites, so you created a mobile app (using services like mobiloud.com).

Now, there is another piece of information that should guide your marketing efforts: multimedia makes app content exciting, enriching, creative, and entertaining all at once, when used properly. There are many types of multimedia, including images, music, video, and podcasts, and optimising each one of them for your apps takes planning.


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Building mobile apps for content marketing?

One of the primary objectives for content managers is to increase the likelihood that the right people will see or hear their content by targeting a larger audience.

There are several elements of a content marketing campaign aimed at expanding the audience, including:

  • Great content – content that is relevant to the audience, superbly crafted, and compellingly presented.
  • A user-friendly website – this is the core of all marketing efforts, since you will be working to bring more visitors to your website via SEO.
  • Social media – provides avenues for promoting your content so it can be found even when potential clients are not looking via search engines

There are many other components of content marketing, like email marketing and using calls-to-action, but one other strategy that is becoming increasingly popular among content marketers is the use of mobile applications.


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How To Prevent WordPress Comment Spam

Is your WordPress blog being flooded with comment spam? Does it take you several hours each week to sift through these comments, deleting spam and approving those you want to keep? I know your pain.

If you find yourself in this position, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are steps you cant take to prevent WordPress comment spam in the future. Once you make a few critical (yet simple) changes, you may be surprised at how quickly the spam comes to an end.


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