How to Build PeepSo Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Want to convert build PeepSo mobile apps for iOS and Android? You’ve come to the right article. 

We’re going to show you the best way to build PeepSo mobile apps. You can go live in just weeks – and keep all the best features and elements of your existing site! 

Let’s start with the question of why you would want to build PeepSo mobile apps for your community. 

Why Build PeepSo Mobile apps?

PeepSo bill themselves as the:

“Next Generation User Profile and Social Networking Plugin for WordPress”

That is an accurate description indeed. PeepSo is the ultimate way to transform your WordPress site into a powerful, feature-rich social network for desktop and the mobile web. 

Countless lively communities have been launched with PeepSo, covering a wide range of niche topics and interests. 

If you want to build a web-based community, you can’t go far wrong with PeepSo. There’s just one limitation. PeepSo has no native functionality for building mobile apps.

Why is this a limitation? The key point is this. Mobile apps are really ideal for social networks and communities. 

Apps account for 90% of total mobile time, and a large majority of that is spent in social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. These platforms started out web-first, but changed with the times and are now all about the apps. 

Meet Modern Expectations of a Social Platform

In recent years apps just became a default expectation, especially for the younger generation, for every tool or platform that people intend to engage with regularly and habitually. 

They interface with the digital world primarily through an array of icons on their home screens, not through a mobile web browser – and this is especially true of social platforms and communities. 

As wonderful as purely web-based communities can be – there’s something slightly “old school” about them. Building PeepSo apps can bring you up to date with the times, give users and potential users the experience they want, and overall widen your appeal as a brand. 

Improve Mobile UX

Why are some people always immersed in FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Part of the reason is that these platforms have ruthlessly focused on the art and science of user experience for years – and their platforms are now completely optimized for frictionless habit formation. 

This would not have been possible without mobile apps. The app’s icon on the homescreen is a constant reminder, one quick tap and they’re straight to the newsfeed and sifting through recent content with fast and intuitive navigation. 

Compare this to the purely web based experience. The user needs to have their memory triggered somehow, open up the browser, put in the URL, wait for everything to load – and even login! It’s just more clunky, slower, and less convenient. In aggregate – this suboptimal mobile UX will slow your growth and make it harder to retain users. 

We want to build communities that really become an important part of the users daily routine, habits, and add to their life in some way. To do this you too must take a leaf out of the social giant’s book and invest properly in mobile UX. Building PeepSo mobile apps is a great step towards this. 

Boost Community Engagement through push notifications

Push notifications are the “secret sauce” that the top social platforms use to build habits around their communities. 

They give users a little ‘reward’ that motivates them to interact and contribute, and keeps them immersed in the community. Push notifications are also very valuable for the users – they want them!

Your users don’t want to miss out on replies to their posts, messages, or trending topics. They are part of the community because they want to stay connected – and notifications can help them to do that. 

PeepSo already has you well covered for onsite and email notifications. They have their limitations though. 

On-site notifications are only relevant if you are on the site, and email is hit and miss. People often tune them out and they get banished to the dreaded “social” tab in inboxes that people rarely check. Surely there’s a better way to send notifications? 

There is – push notifications from native mobile apps. 

Unlike onsite notifications, they will reach the users’ lock screen no matter what they are doing, reminding them of your community and encouraging them to dive back in. This can really help you to stay top of mind. 

They are also far more effective than email. Not only do you reach all your (opted in) app users – a push notification is harder to ignore than an email – but the engagement rate is much higher too. 

According to MailChimp, the average email click through rate is a tepid 2.62%.  On the other hand, Retail Dive found that push notifications achieve an impressive 21% engagement rate

Native push notifications are perfect for social platforms and really one of the strongest reasons to build PeepSo mobile apps. Roll them out and watch your users returning to your community again and again and interacting on a whole new level. 

How to build PeepSo Mobile Apps

We’ve teased a few of the main benefits of building PeepSo mobile apps for your community. There are others too – for instance the branding boost of having an App Store presence.

The key benefits can all be summed up though in one (buzz?)word – engagement. 

All the key advantages, from the better mobile UX to push notifications, work together to get your users posting, messaging, commenting, and checking up more. This network effect leads to growth, and it’s the reason why the social giants prioritise engagement above all else. 

Now though – let’s move on to the how. 

As we said earlier, there’s no native solution within PeepSo itself. 

In the PeepSo FAQs, you can read the team’s take on the problem in the “is there a mobile app?” section:

“No, it’d need to be custom built. This is a topic that’s been going on and off for, well years now. And it’s not like we don’t want to do it”

The phrase “custom built” could raise a few eyebrows. Building custom apps, especially feature rich social platforms, is a major challenge. With native developers or an agency – you’d be looking at $50,000 minimum for first versions on iOS and Android, and at least 10% of that annually on maintenance and upkeep. 

This is too large of an investment for a growing community or startup. 

Luckily there’s a better way. You don’t need to build custom PeepSo apps from scratch, you can convert a PeepSo site to mobile apps with MobiLoud Canvas. 

Canvas converts your PeepSo site to iOS and Android apps in just weeks, for a fraction of the cost of custom development. You can keep everything from your existing site – and the apps will sync in real time so there’s nothing new to manage. 

We teamed up with PeepSo to make this happen, integrating the most powerful parts of their great platform with ours. We can now offer all PeepSo sites the ability to level the playing field and create social media apps just as good as Twitter and Facebook at a startup-friendly price tag. 

Let’s take a deeper look at why you should build PeepSo mobile apps with Canvas. 

Why Build PeepSo Mobile Apps with Canvas?

Compared with building PeepSo apps through custom development, Canvas is vastly more efficient in terms of time and money.

But Canvas also has tangible advantages over all other options regardless of cost. Let’s address the key advantages. 

Full Integration with your PeepSo site

Every feature that you currently use on your PeepSo site will work in the apps, so you have complete control over the apps design and functionality. You can translate the impressive flexibility of PeepSo itself to the mobile app format. 

What about other plugins and third party tools apart from Peepso? Most, if not all, will work in your apps too – right out of the box.

The apps will also update automatically with your site, so there’s nothing new to add to your workflow. Managing the apps is also simple, you can control everything through a simple plugin and dashboard.

Integrated Notifications Trigger

MobiLoud Canvas has a deep integration with OneSignal – the best push provider in the market. We’ve also built an integration with Peepso’s notification system, allowing you to convert your onsite notifications into mobile push notifications. 

Just how Facebook sends you a notification when someone comments or likes your post – you can recreate the same effect with PeepSo mobile apps through Canvas. This is very powerful for any budding social platform or community. 

Within the apps, your users will also have “push preferences” and a message center. Push preferences allow them to specify which kinds of notifications they want to receive, and the apps will save those that they miss in the message center so they can catch up later. This doubles the chances that your messages will be read.

Native UX

MobiLoud Canvas will take your existing PeepSo site and put it in a native ‘wrapper’, to create what’s known as a hybrid app. 

Hybrid apps are great for social platforms, Facebook and Instagram used them for an earlier version of their apps, and Quora still heavily relies on webviews. Your PeepSo app will sync with your web community in real time, allowing you to easily take your brand onto a new platform without rebuilding anything or incurring large development costs. 

From native tab menus and navigation, to animations, splash screens and loading spinners, you’ll be able to set up and manage it all from an easy to use dashboard.

A Full Service from App Experts

Every app project is unique. We don’t just sell you software and let you get on with it – we help manage the whole thing alongside you to bring the apps live and make them a success. 

We handle the thorough testing of the apps, then we help you over the hurdle of publishing them on Google Play and the App Store. Although the apps are 100% yours, and published on your own developer accounts that you own and control – we work with Apple and Google on your behalf. 

We’ve been through this process with over 1000 different clients, and we can guarantee a successful launch with minimal road bumps. 

Start Building Peepso Mobile Apps today! 

So there we have it – the best way to get PeepSo apps is to convert your PeepSo site to mobile apps with MobiLoud Canvas. 

There is no other solution on the market that can integrate everything from PeepSo, take care of all the trickier parts for you, and get you professional level social apps launched in weeks for less than 10% of the cost of custom development. 

What’s the next step?

To start building your PeepSo apps, book a demo call with one of our app experts. They’ll walk you through the process in depth and answer any questions you have. 

Book a demo call today!

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