Technical Support Specialist

We’re MobiLoud, we aim to change how content publishers approach the mobile app space. We’ve built a successful product helping digital publishers create native apps with their content.
We are passionate about making mobile apps accessible to independent publishers and site owners and work to offer an amazing customer experience to anyone that signs up.
As a Technical Support Specialist, you’ll be responsible to deal directly with our customers, explaining the product, helping them during onboarding, supporting them with any questions or issues.
This is the right job for you if you’re a fluent English speaker who can write (and maybe code) and loves to delight customers.
You’ll be interfacing directly with customers, our Product & Support Manager and our app developers.
You’ll identify problems and troubleshoot them, you’ll collect bug reports or change requests and create requests for our developers to fix them.
We’re looking for applicants from any kind of academic or professional background. We don’t mind if you don’t have a degree, as long as you can demonstrate your skills with past projects and achievements.
You’ll join a small team including the company founder a Product Manager, a Marketing Manager, a WordPress Developer and two app developers. We’re a distributed team spread around the world.
We enjoy this way of working and the freedom it affords all of us. We collaborate mainly using Slack and video calls and simple tools like Trello.
We care about the people working with us and aim to build long-lasting relationships with anyone who will join the company. For this, personality fit on top of skills is key.
We’re looking for smart, independent and creative people who want to build something great, take decisions independently and make an impact.
We will decide together on a work schedule that works for you based on your life and priorities. You can work from wherever you want and whenever you want. We like to find responsible people and let them do their job autonomously.
Required skills:
  • A quick, creative thinker, you enjoy finding solutions to problems and helping people
  • Strong communications skills, perfect written and spoken English
  • Confident dealign with customers over email and phone
  • Understanding of IT, website and app development
  • Ideally you have some knowledge of WordPress, you know at least the basics of web development (CSS/HTML/PHP)

Time required: 20 hours a week. Possibility to increase this as you take on more tasks and the support needs grow. 

Application Form for Support

  • Ideally you can start within a few weeks.
  • Technical questions

    This role is highly technical, while you won't be asked to do any coding beyond some basic CSS edits (e.g. to help out a customer), you should be very comfrotable discussing technical issues and you should be skilled at identifying the possible source of problems.
  • Customer Support

    A key part of your role will be to help our customers with any issues they may have. Answer these questions the best you can. They are intentionally ambiguous, as they often are in real life.
  • John has just sent us an email after we published his mobile app. Please reply in the best way possible.

    "Guys, good work on the app, unfortunately though I can't seem to get the push notifications to work. I've configured everything and sent two tests but none of us receives them"