Promote your app to your site visitors

You’ve got a website and likely a mobile site or responsive design. Your best bet to drive downloads for your app is to turn existing or casual visitors into app users, with the idea of encouraging return visits to your content in your app. By downloading your app users “subscribe” to your content and by enabling push notifications they give you an opportunity to push new content and reminders to them, bringing them back time and time again.

Here’s a few easy to implement tips to drive app downloads from your site:

  • Show smart banners and promote your app to your website visitors while they are browsing your site from an iOS or Android device. Needless to say, this is the best opportunity to convert them to app users, the download button is just a tap away. Follow our instructions here to get this quickly setup on WordPress with a free plugin.
  • Make it easy to download your app from any of your website pages by adding an App Store Badge and/or Google Play Badge (here’s a PSD version for both, the official Apple download page for their badge and a generator for the Google Play badge). Your blog’s sidebar is a good spot to show these.


  • If you are using social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc), consider creating buttons to download your app too! Apple recommends using the App Store icon and the Google Play icon is a sensible choice next to it.


  • Take every opportunity to promote your app, with a banner in your sidebar for example. Our friends at Speckyboy do it very well!


  • Place a banner at the end of your posts, before the comment section. After reading a good article of yours, people will be more likely to download your app.

Hope this gave you some good ideas to promote your app from your site.

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