Full Service

When it comes to the initial app build and publishing process on our Canvas and Commerce platforms, you have the choice to either go with our Self Serve or Full Service tiers. 

Self serve is good if you don’t mind a bit of tinkering and you’re technically minded, but Full Service is for you if you want to save your time and energy and just get the apps handled as smoothly as possible. 

On both plans we offer you fast and knowledgeable support, and also help you with testing the apps and getting them approved by both the App Store and Google Play. 

So what’s the difference? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to go the full service route. 

Everything Handled for you 100%

While MobiLoud is a ‘no code’ platform that anyone can theoretically build great apps with – it does require some technical aptitude or experience to really use it efficiently. 

With Full Service, our team handles the entire app building process, after an in-depth consultation with you to go over your specific needs and requirements. 

There’s nothing for you to do except provide the vision. You can get back to focusing on your core web product and growing your business without getting side tracked or distracted – 100% confident that the apps are going great.

We Prepare all Necessary Design Assets

In order to get your apps successfully published on the App Store and Google Play – you need to prepare a set of design assets. 

These are – icons and splash screens for the apps themselves, and screenshots for the App Stores. 

With self serve, you’ll prepare all of these yourself. This would cost hundreds of dollars through a good designer. 

With Full Service though, our own designers create them for you, at all the resolutions required, so you don’t need to worry about this at all. 

Premium Support

We take a hands on approach to support on all plans, but with full service you’ll have priority. 

The whole process will start with an in depth strategy call with our product manager, then we’ll work together to create a roadmap for bringing the apps live. 

Once the apps are ready to launch – we’ll also help you with a marketing strategy for your apps, setting up smart app banners on your site, and whatever else you need to make the app launch a success. 

Peace of Mind

With full service you are guaranteed a smooth app build process and launch. For many of our busy clients, this is the main benefit. 

You know that a team of top app experts are working to create you a great presence on the app stores, there’s no anxiety or stress around the process, and your time and energy are freed up to focus on more high value tasks. 


Our mandatory DIY set up fee is $450 

This covers the cost of extensively testing the apps, submitting them to Google and Apple, and publishing them on the App Store and Google Play. 

It does not cover our team configuring and customizing the apps, or providing all the necessary design work for the app stores. 

Our optional Professional Full Service fee is an additional $1850 

This includes our team building and customizing the apps for you, to your exact specifications, and providing all the necessary design work directly – not to mention priority support. 

The difference between the two in terms of pricing may seem significant – but when you consider the money you’ll save on all of the design assets, developer fees for customizations, and the time you’ll get back as a result – it makes sense for many of our customers. 

The Choice is Yours

It’s up to you to decide which tier fits your priorities, budget and strategy best. Whichever you go with we are fully committed to helping you to build great apps with MobiLoud.

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