Publishers Still See Email as the Most Important Channel for Driving Subscriptions

Digiday research surveyed 136 media executives about the tactics and strategies they use to drive subscriptions, and which ones get the best results.
Shareen Pathak from Digiday Reseach summed up the results:

“For publishers looking to drive more subscriptions, email is king,”

The two most effective tactics reported:

  1. Adapting the frequency of email
  2. Customizing content for each user

Others methods were trailing behind, and we can see that partnering with other publishers is not considered particularly effective.

The importance of email cannot be understated. But it’s about how you message them as well.
Shareen Pathak from Digiday Research put it this way:

“Publishers use email in various ways to drive people to sign up for subscriptions — either with marketing via offers sent to those already in their database, or sending more email about specific parts of the subscription product, like dedicated member-exclusive pieces, to their audiences”

Previously on our Podcast, we’ve interviewed a few real experts on growing subscriptions, and how to use email effectively.
Mary Walter-Brown, CEO of News Revenue Hub understands the value of email in driving revenue:

All of our efforts are focused on helping our clients to grow their audience and traffic to their site. But more importantly than those raw numbers is how many we can get to sign up to a newsletter. We need their email address – so we work with them to build products that really serve the needs of their readers

Check out the interview she gave about how publishers can grow their email list and maximise conversions from newsletter subscriber to paying member.
It’s clear that email is still key, despite predictions for years that it’s dying. Perhaps this explains why Apple News+ has just launched a rather puzzling newsletter project?
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