Why You Need Video in Your Mobile App

As a good online marketer, you should be constantly listening to the needs of your customers and trying to meet them.
Customers are spending more time on their mobile devices, so you created a responsive website. You realised that users stay on mobile apps 3-4 times longer than on mobile websites, so you created a mobile app (using services like MobiLoud.com).
Now, there is another piece of information that should guide your marketing efforts: multimedia makes app content exciting, enriching, creative, and entertaining all at once, when used properly. There are many types of multimedia, including images, music, video, and podcasts, and optimising each one of them for your apps takes planning.

So, why add video to your app?

Living in the digital world, dealing with multimedia content on a daily basis has become the norm. Users rely on images, video, and audio content to receive information, instructions, or simply entertainment. Video content is particularly engaging because it shows instead of simply telling; hence the popularity of YouTube.
Having a mobile app for your business helps to improve engagement and loyalty, deliver a more customised experience to users, and boost ROI.
Combining a mobile app with the power of video gives you:

1. Greater Engagement

According to eMarketer, 15 percent of the time spent watching online videos is done on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. So, if the UK has a population of 65 million, you can reach a great number of people that seek for information or entertainment on their mobile devices. And this figure can only continue to grow as data packages become more consumer-friendly.
Video content is a powerful tool that can be used to engage widely to convey a message, brand, and everything in between. A small business selling clothes, for instance, can expand its social and online experience by creating short and fun videos of customers trying out clothes and integrating them in their native app.
Your audience can also create their own video content and upload them on your social channels, after which you can sort them and add some to your in-app video content. Such user-generated content can grow your audience and promote customer loyalty dramatically.

2. Better marketing

Videos help to spice up content, whether it is promoting a product, a new launch, or an event. For instance, you can upload “trailer” videos of an upcoming event to tease your audience; create “how to” videos to help buyers better use your products; or create complementary videos to train or inspire your audience, like workout videos. We created a guide on how to create a video to promote your mobile app, which should provide you with some ideas on how to get started.

3. Increased conversion

You can add a video to your app landing page so visitors can get what your business is about quickly, or acquire some other vital information fast, to boost conversion. If your app is well designed with the right layout, your prospective customers will know everything at a glance: your business name, tagline, promo video, and a call to action.

WordPress Solutions and MobiLoud

Embedding videos to your content and making them available on your app is a great marketing idea with numerous benefits, if done right.
This entails using the right thumbnail that integrates well and gets viewers to click; ensuring that the play button (if you’re not using a thumbnail) is well visible so visitors know that it is video content; and putting the video at the right spot (after the store badges) to name a few factors.
Users on WordPress have access to a variety of responsive video plugins and a native functionality that allow them to add videos directly into a page (like using the clip’s YouTube video URL).
The fact that they’re fully responsive means that the video’s viewport automatically adjusts to fill the containing area and scale depending on display size, so you don’t have to set a width or height for each device – just set the size of the div for your content.

For MobiLoud Users

Other WordPress solutions, like MobiLoud, allow users, who have already built an app using the platform, to easily add videos to their apps by embedding any video player into their content, as MobiLoud supports video players out of the box. MobiLoud integrates with WordPress, so any changes made on your site are automatically updated on your apps.
This is great for video bloggers and publishers because it means that you don’t have to deal with another channel. In other words, all updates on your main site become instantly available on your iOS and Android users via MobiLoud.