Google Launches New Tool to Help Publishers Manage How Their Content Appears

If you’re a publisher who uses Google News, you’re probably familiar with Producer and Publisher Center.
Google has now launched a tool that combines these two, merging their features into a single tool that will improve both the user experience and functionality.
You no longer need to submit to two separate platforms, all it takes is one tool.
The original tools had what you needed to manage, monetize, and submit your Google News content – but the new Publisher Center has some added features.

  • Publishers can now manage multiple publications easier, with improved permission settings helping with collaboration across titles
  • Publishers no longer need to rely on RSS for configuring sections, they can now just use the URL. Content for Google News will be pulled directly from the web in a similar way that search results are indexed and delivered.
  • Publishers can now manage their identity better. You can add can add different logos for light and dark themes for example!

Publisher Center is available in English, French, Spanish and German, and there are plans to expand into more languages soon.
Go and test it out, or check out the official press release here.