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Pietro is the founder of MobiLoud, where he helps site owners grow their audience on mobile with their own mobile apps.
Best mobile plugins for WordPress publishers

Best Mobile Plugins for WordPress Publishers

90% of all time spent on mobile devices in the U.S. is spent using mobile apps, but a high performing mobile website is very important. There are a range of WordPress mobile plugins that you can use to provide a better mobile experience for your...

Write a good app store description

How to Write a Great App Store Description

You’ve got your app name and icon sorted. Your potential user was interested enough to open your app’s page, now it’s time to convince and convert that opportunity in a download. That’s what your description is for...

mobile app icon design

Design Best Practices For Your Mobile App Icon

The first thing a user will see on your App Store page is your app icon. For app icons, first impressions are most definitely everything. Here are a few tips that will help your app’s icon stand out among the rest. Far more apps are...

press release for mobile app

A Press Release for Your Mobile App

Writing a press release has two main purposes: it takes some of the work out of reporting on the release of your app (which news sites will love because it makes their lives easier) and allows you to control the initial perception of your app. The...

Stop WordPress Comment Spam

How to stop comment spam on your WordPress site

Is your WordPress blog being flooded with comment spam? Does it take you several hours each week to sift through these comments, deleting spam and approving those you want to keep? I know your pain. Your comments should be a positive space for your...

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